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Halloween 2013 Community Bundle

Includes 102 Items: The Beast From Below, Hard-Headed Hardware, Cap'n Calamari, The Spectralnaut, Ethereal Hood, The Maniac's Manacles, The Second Opinion, The Pocket Horsemann, The Last Bite, The Baphomet Trotters, Burny's Boney Bonnet, The Crispy Golden Locks, The Scorched Skirt, The Accursed Apparition, The Hound's Hood, The Terrier Trousers, The Horrific Head of Hare, The Snaggletoothed Stetson, Up Pyroscopes, The One-Way Ticket, The Birdie Bonnet, The External Organ, Ivan The Inedible, The Rugged Respirator, The Squid's Lid, The Hollowhead, Grub Grenades, The Gothic Guise, The Grease Monkey, The Alternative Medicine Mann, The Cauterizer's Caudal Appendage, Polly Putrid, The Faux Manchu, The Hidden Dragon, The Lo-Grav Loafers, The Surgeon's Space Suit, The Face Plante, Das Blutliebhaber, The Trepanabotomizer, The Sackcloth Spook, The Mucous Membrain, Pin Pals, Medimedes, The Chicken Kiev, The Freedom Feathers, The Headtaker's Hood, The Transylvania Top, The Candleer, The Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down, Bozo's Bouffant, Faun Feet, The Halloweiner, The Lordly Lapels, The Cadaver's Capper, Guano, The Sprinting Cephalopod, Unidentified Following Object, The Beacon from Beyond, The Hyperbaric Bowler, The Death Support Pack, The Carious Chameleon, The Monster's Stompers, The Bountiful Bow, The Candyman's Cap, The Vicar's Vestments, The Hardium Helm, The Jupiter Jumpers, The Space Bracers, The Handhunter, The Spellbinder's Bonnet, The Macabre Mask, The Shaman's Skull, The Abhorrent Appendages, The Vicious Visage, The Tuque or Treat, The Horned Honcho, Lieutenant Bites the Dust, The Grisly Gumbo, The Dark Helm, Archimedes the Undying, The Monstrous Mandible, The Shaolin Sash, The Mann-Bird of Aberdeen, The Foul Cowl, Sir Shootsalot, The Corpsemopolitan, The Glob, The Hallowed Headcase, Carrion Companion, Quoth, PY-40 Incinibot, The Parasight, Teutonkahmun, The Larval Lid, The Manneater, The Creature From The Heap, The Magical Mercenary, The Raven's Visage, Ramses' Regalia, The Haunted Hat, Bozo's Brogues, The Cryptic Keepsake

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The Magical Mercenary

Class: All classes

Slot: Cosmetic